Khartomb was formed in 1981 in Herts, UK by Caroline (singer-songwriter) and Ian (guitarist/composer/producer).

Their first gig was in North London in 1982. their second demo tape attracted the attentions of a certain John Peel who invited them to record one of his famous BBC Radio 1 Peel Sessions at the end of 82, when one of their tracks, "Daisy High" was described as "subversive MoR".

They signed a publishing deal with Twist & Shout Music with Clive Solomon, who went on to establish Fire Records as one of the leading independent labels of the 80s and 90s.

Khartomb's first and only single (so far) was double A-sided 7 inch single "Swahili Lullaby" and "Teekon Warriors". It was released summer 1983 on Whaam! Records, the brainchild of Dan Treacy of cult indie band TV Personalities. John Peel spun it several times and journalist Mick Mercer interviewed them for Zigzag Magazine, And They appeared in the January 1984 edition.

Whilst Khartomb never Set the London gig circuit on fire (!) they played with an array of alt. bands and artists including the TV Personalities, The Times, Dan Treacy, And Also The Trees, Joolz the Punk Poet, the 1,000 Mexicans. in June 1984 they played with the Jesus & Mary Chain at the "Living Room" - a series of live shows organised by Alan McGee around the same time Creation Records was born.

"Teekon Warriors" /  "Swahili Lullaby", received a new lease of life with the advent of the internet. In the noughties the single and Peel session were posted on several musicblogs and sites and in 2007 it was played on well-known NYC internet radio station, East Village Radio.

Until now their last studio excursion was spring 1986. But After after a scarily long hiatus Caroline and Ian recorded two new tracks at Chapel Studios, Lincs "Shut It Down" and "Cabbages & Kings" in September 2014. They've already published a number of their recent demos online, which were recorded in the living rooms of Lincs and Herts, capturing their original indie spirit, whilst displaying a depth and maturity gained courtesy of all those 'gap years'!

In September 2016 they played their first live gig of the 21st century(!) at the Spilsby Theatre in Lincolnshire. A 10-song set included 2 songs from the 80s - 'Swahili Lullaby' and 'Margarete' (recorded in 1986 but never performed live), 7 new songs and a cover of Amy Winehouse's 'You Know That I'm No Good'.

In February 2018 they released 'Housedog', another genre-mashing track that blends Caroline's pure/punk English voice (to quote Dale Griffin

More gigs and recorded music are promised in 2018 including a TV Personalities cover for a tribute album.