We're back in the (Twangmeister) studio

On Saturday 25 November we recorded a brand new track - 'Housedog' - at Twangmeister Studios in Grimsby, Lincs.

A single day session started around 11am when Ian arrived (from Luton after a 3 hour+ drive and achy knees!) at engineer Dan's home/studio with his gear. Caroline, who had a slightly shorter journey, joined Dan and Ian closer to midday.

This was our first foray into the studio since we recorded 'Shut It Down' and 'Cabbages and Kings' at Chapel Studios in September 2014.

The session wound down about 9pm after much multi tracking and experimenting with samples. 'Housedog' will be available in 2018 - we hope you like the results.

Here's a few pics that Ian took during the sesh.