Letter from 'Young Dude' Dale Griffin post-Peel Session

We were planning to post this letter from ex-Mott The Hoople drummer and producer of many John Peel Sessions, Dale Griffin, sent to us just a few days after he worked on our Peel Session.

Then, after hearing the sad news on Monday about his death on Sunday prompted us to share this very supportive and downright lovely missive from Mr Griffin sooner rather than later:

Letter from Dale Griffin001.jpg

Ian did get his valve amp (a Roland Bolt) a few years later and we certainly made more use of Paula's vocals. Shame she didn't stick around, but that's a whole other story...

We were surprised that 6 Music didn't give Mr Griffin more coverage as they constantly broadcast many archive Peel sessions, and Dale surely had a hand in a huge number of them.

Here's a Dale story posted on our Facebook earlier in the week by Ian:

"I'll always remember Ali (our drummer) telling Dale he wanted to get a tribal sound from his (not particularly impressive) drumkit to which he quipped "You'll only get a pygmy tribe sound out of that!". He ate his words later when Ali managed to get an extremely dynamic/widescreen sound from his 'toy' kit!"

Thanks for the music Dale! And for being such a dude during our stint at the famous Maida Vale Studios...