From the Khartomb Archives: Zigzag review November 1983

Last week Ian Khartomb was trawling through all the old papers he's managed to keep from the early Khartomb days. 

He even found the map that Caroline drew to help him find her home for their first rehearsal (this was way, way before satnav and Google Maps!) back in 1980.

But he also found some real gems which we'll post on the website and let you know about via social media over the next few weeks.

For the first post here's a very positive review of "Teekon Warriors" (not "Swahili Lullaby", the labels were incorrectly affixed on the first pressing) by Melody Maker and Zigzag journalist, Mick Mercer.

Mick went on to interview us in 1984 and wrote this very odd piece which really didn't paint Khartomb in the best light and from a recent reread was stylistically very strange too. We'll post it soon!

Older readers will remember the Melody Maker as a weekly inky (very inky) music paper and Zigzag was a rather fine monthly rock magazine, one of the first to start covering the burgeoning punk scene which started, can you believe, about 40 years ago. Time flies etc.