From the Khartomb Archives: Zigzag interview January 1984

A few months after Melody Maker and Zigzag journalist, Mick Mercer, posted a very upbeat review of "Teekon Warriors" in Zigzag, he interviewed us for a 1-page article in the same mag.

As mentioned in the previous post the article was a real oddity. He made some slightly snarky remarks about us i.e. "The Famous Five grown up" and then didn't reveal our names, apart from Caroline's, until the end of the article. 

After his glowing appraisal a few months previously, the throwaway style of the article and the sniffy tone didn't give a great impression of Khartomb 1984.

But then the final short paragraph "Infinite possibilities" is much more like it. Just wish Mr Mercer had elaborated on that phrase more constructively in the rest of the feature.

See what you think.

Download a copy of the interview here